Black Kettle Kitchen



We love to make your day brighter and a little easier by delivering a food order. We specialize in appetizer trays, soups, salads & bowl foods, but we'd gladly take your suggestions as well. We do not have a menu at this time, due to the fact that most of our requests are customized but, we'd be happy to supply you with a quote for your specific needs.


Pop Up Menu - What's That?

A "Pop Up Menu" is a random food delivery that happens when we have extra time to spare and there is no minimum order. We deliver mainly to businesses, because we know how hard it can be to get away from the office to grab a bite to eat. However, home deliveries may be available upon inquiry.

Watch our FB, Instagram and e-mail subscriber list for Pop-Up Menus. POP-UP MENUS COULD HAPPEN ANYTIME! They will typically post two evenings before the day of delivery and occasionally earlier. Each unique menu will specify the delivery route and time. Most deliveries will be from the Pinehurst area to Kellogg, ID although occasionally as far as Wallace.

HOW TO ORDER: Orders should be sent by TEXT to 208-682-0425. FB Messenger is also acceptable (response time may be slower). Early ordering is recommended anytime a menu is posted. Orders may be requested up until delivery time, however quantities are limited and available on a first come first serve basis. Responses will be made as soon as possible, but are not always immediate.  /  /


We offer buffet style catering for businesses, events and small social gatherings. Menus are customized to individual needs. Please contact us to discuss availability and menu options for your hosted or host-free catered event.  (208)682-0425