The Chef...

Tresa is the visionary of the business which started in 2018. She has enjoyed the art of cooking since she was a little girl, learning from her grand "mom" who had a culinary background. As an adult, she became passionate about herbal creations and the importance of eating natural foods (organic when possible). Avoiding highly processed foods is her main focus and that is what she wishes to share with her community through providing delicious foods made with simple ingredients.
Her motto... Enhancing OUR LIVES through FOOD

The Baker...

Kevin spent his younger years working in trades of high physical demand. Over time, those trades take a toll on physical well-being, so it was decided that he would retire from those fields and become the homemaker on the homestead. Kevin cares for every aspect of the home, whether it be gathering firewood, maintaining equipment, milling lumber for building, tending the garden, feeding chickens or inside baking, cooking & cleaning.

On the business side of things, Kevin's homemaking skills make him a great asset to the kitchen. He leads the cottage bakery, chauffer's for delivery, and you may catch him serving or taking orders at events.

The Kitchen...

The kitchen is a private facility located on the couples small homestead, separate from the house. Surrounded by two creeks, a mountainside and beautiful greenery it's a dream to work from home. Little, but mighty the commercial kitchen is fully licensed in the state of Idaho through Panhandle Health District. Documentation may be reviewed HERE.

Goods are fresh from "The Kitchen"
and delivered from our home to yours!